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Title: Planetes
Genre: Drama
Format: 4 Volumes
Mangaka: Makoto Yukimura
Synopsis: June 13, 2068 Yuri is taking his wife for a honeymoon trip using the new space shuttles. But a tiny piece of debris made the shuttle explode into different sections. This incident marked the birth of a new spatial era and the need of more Debris Collectors. Yuri survives the incident and becomes a Debris Collector and shares this job with Fee and Hoshino.

The Highlights
Great historical characters with a twist.
Art: Stylish and detailed, Miura style.
Plot: Unbelievable and ridiculous, yet entertaining.
Writing: Makes things work, but it is not exceptional.

This one here folks, is an excellent example of perfect writing. The dialog, characters, plots and real life problems are captivating to say the least. It is a great cast of growing and constantly developing characters that Makoto Yukimura managed to write and present to us.

But even when the characters are amazingly rich, it just doesn’t end there. The art also assaults your mind, specially the scenes that happen in space, most of them are easily noticeable during the Hoshino arc, one of the best if you ask me. But the art is not as perfect as the writing, sometimes I would get confused between some of the character designs all because they aren’t constant through out the 4 volumes Planetes consists of. Yet the emotion the characters are having was easily transported on to me, thanks to the excellent facial expressions.

Planetes is a manga that is very well worth your time and buck, even though you won’t devour it in single sitting, like any other manga of this length should be.

The Rating: 7

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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