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Thank you to everyone

Today I am making the sad announcement that I have resigned from The Nihon Review, effective immediately. This has been brewing for a while, and I informed the rest of the staff internally a few months ago now. I have just finished my PhD (finally) and my life is undergoing a number of hectic changes. […]

Boobs! The Anime

It’s hard to find a common theme between the two anime reviewed today, but given the deplorable Manyuu Hikenchou has nothing else to it except boobs, that’s all I have to work with. Not that I have anything against a nicely curved fermale form, but this is a show that goes well beyond “too much […]

Who is your daddy, and what does he do?

We’re slowly clearing our backlog of reviews from the last season, so expect more to come in the next few days. Here’s two of the less remarkable (as our reviewers saw them) titles from the last season. Shadowmage has a look at Shakugan no Shana Final, although I think he’s being a touch kind, and […]

I trust we can rely on your vote

The Aniblog Tourney is on again, and our first round match-up has just started. If you like what we do at Behind The Nihon Review, why not stop by and take a couple of quick seconds to give us your vote. All support is highly appreciated. We have two new reviews today, both of which […]

Giving away two Dota 2 beta keys

I’ve just received two Dota 2 beta keys (thank you Steam) and am looking to give them away to friends of The Nihon Review. If you’re a longtime MOBA player, or looking to dip your toes into the genre for the first time, you can register your interest by posting in this thread for the […]

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