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A mixed bag today both in quality and medium with a review of the below-par animated series Mahoromatic : Automatic Maiden, and the spellbinding live-action movie Be With You. Take a look.

Naruto on the big screen

There are certain universal constants in the world we live in: The Earth orbits the Sun, Gravity, and that the Naruto anime will never end. Ever. However, those kind folks at Studio Pierrot also saw fit to provide us with two movies – both with improbably lengthy titles, and today Shadowmage checks them out: Naruto the […]

A feast for the senses

Satisfaction for both your audial and visual apparatus today with a review from our newest team-member, Godai, of the excellent RahXephon, as well as a run-down on the slightly mediocre album ULTRA BLUE.

Sorrow-kun comes up trumps

Today Sorrow-kun shows us what he is made of with a review double-bill: Lamune and Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight. Enjoy!

Conflict Anime

The pair of above-average series we have on offer today share only one thing in common: conflict. Well, that and the fact they both have overly long names with five words. Start with the stylish, dramatic fantasy Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora with its excellent musical score, and move on to the strangely comical Mobile Suit Double Zeta […]

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