Blue Robot Ride

Hey, everyone! We’ve got a couple of new reviews available for you all to peruse. First up from Kaikyaku is Ao Haru Ride, a high school romance series with potential that ultimately does not do enough to set itself apart from the pack. Next up from CNile is a relatively older series, Android Kikaider. It has a potentially interesting story that’s let down by bland characters, sloppy writing, and a boring world. Unfortunate.

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Welcome to a New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

To continue our tradition of bringing light to the latest and greatest, have compiled for you our 2014: A Year in Review.  Though the year seemed tepid at first glance, there were some hard cuts that needed to be made once we got down to the actual details.  The opinions seem rather polarized across the staff, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from finding at least one show to embody 2014.

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Art for Art’s Sake

Hello again, readers. We’re here with two reviews, one of a recent show and other of a … classic. Yes, let’s go with that. First up is Kaikyaku with Barakamon, a delightful series that is full of charm and humor. The fact that it features anime children that won’t drive you up the wall is also a minor miracle. Next up is CNile with a not so charming review of Violence Jack, an OVA adaptation of one of the many works of Go Nagai. If you love appalling dismemberment, rape, and cannibalism, this is the anime for you! Those with good taste need not apply.

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Cleaning Out the Mind with Bleach

Today we have two action shows with rather similar degrees of quality but different reason for being terrible.  The first is Psychic Wars which is a rather old school anime that has decent production values and not much else.  The other is one of the biggest shounen titles of the recent generation Bleach.  There might be a great story in there somewhere, but there’s one hell of a haystack to get through.

Cyberpunk and the Worst Anime Ever?

If the latest Ghost in the Shell series doesn’t quite live up to your sci-fi needs, perhaps you should check out the lower key Mardock Scramble: The Third Exhaust.  This trilogy of movies has the grit and cadence that makes the genre so fascinating in the first place.

On the other spectrum of things, CNile has just come back from watching what may be the worst anime ever to be put on video.  If you want to some real scares this Hallow’s Eve try to get through Mars of Destruction.

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