Two Men for Love and Justice

Very rarely do I find myself unable to properly class an anime.  Most shows follow a rigid sequence of check-boxes that allow me to get at the core ideas of the series in a few short words.  However, as our latest review of Samurai Flamenco shows, there’s still some oddballs that defy all labels as well as logic itself.

For a more straightforward outing about two men coming together, there is a the rather scandalous Sekaiichi Hatsukoi.

Vampire Gundam

Hey, everyone! We’re back with two new reviews for you. First up is CNile‘s look at Hellsing Ultimate, a pulpy OVA that succeeds because of its larger-than-life characters, atmosphere and beautiful animation. Well worth watching for people who love ridiculous action shows. Meanwhile, Shadowmage is here with a review of Gundam Build Fighters with the second season right around the corner. This latest iteration of Gundam isn’t original or particularly deep, but it makes up for that by executing its ideas well and providing an unabashed sense of fun and excitement. It doesn’t hurt that there are several beautiful robot fights throughout the series.

Game Over

Today we have a review of a popular but divisive No Game No Life. It’s escape fantasy as its purest, and while it can be entertaining it can also be distasteful.

On a more artsy spectrum of things, we have Harmonie which is an OVA worth your time if you’re into a bit of creativity.

Killer Phantoms

Today, I’d like to introduce our two newest staff members along with their first contributions to the site. Please give them a warm welcome over on our forums. First is hayama’s dissection of Boogiepop Phantom, an older show that may have flown under the radar of those who become anime enthusiasts recently. He’s got some nice things to say about the show. Second is CNile’s rather scathing analysis of Kill la Kill in which he talks about his disappointment with the series.

Telescope into the 80s

Kaikyaku takes on double duty this week with two anime from the 80s.  The first is a classic that has relevance beyond just the anime medium. Though it is a harrowing experience, Barefoot Gen is something worth experiencing, and Kaikyaku explains just why. The next review tackles a less known anime movie with They Were Eleven. If old school science fiction anime is your thing, you may want to check this out.

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