Gundam Inverted

Hello, friends! We’ve got new reviews all ready for you! First up is Shadowmage‘s look at the latest Gundam project, Mobile Suit Gundam UC. He says it’s the most fully realized Gundam series ever created, with lush visuals and wonderful music to go along with a clever story. A must see for mecha fans. Next is Reckoner‘s look at Patema Inverted, which he says has interesting ideas but fails to execute on them, leaving the movie an unsatisfying experience.

Two Takes on Perseverance

May has arrived and we’re back with two new reviews. Shinmaru took a look at Kuroko’s Basketball 2 which improves upon the first season in some ways and not so much in others. Meanwhile, I dove into the past and checked out Ie Naki Ko, a gem from the 1970s based on a classic French novel.

Also, a reminder that we are looking for a pair of talented new writers to join our team so if you would like to be part of the Nihon Review staff, check out the recruitment post and be sure to send in your application by May 16th. Come on, you know you want to!

Schoolgirl Law

Hello again, friends! We’re here with two new reviews for you. First up is Kaikyaku‘s review of Wizard Barristers, which has an interesting premise that it wastes on a nonsensical story. At least she was never bored watching it! Next up is my look at Sakura Trick. This series gave me occasional glimpses of humor and heart, and it looks gorgeous, but its duller sequences are too many in number to make it worth watching.

Be sure to check out Behind the Nihon Review, as well! We’ve had a good run of articles published, and we have our annual recruitment drive, as well.

A Pair of Gems

There’s good anime, and then there’s great anime. Today we are lucky enough to add two of the latter to our library of reviews. Zzeroparticle examines The Wind Rises, likely the final film from legendary director Miyazaki Hayao and a deserving send-off. Shinmaru, in turn, shares his thoughts on Eccentric Family, a series with both humour and heart.

I’ve also added a blog article looking at discrimination in Wizard Barristers.

Going Home Sweet Home

Hello again, friends! We’re here with two new reviews for your perusal. First on the docket is AC‘s look at Hanasaku Iroha: Home Sweet Home. He thought there was no more story to tell; however, he realized he was incorrect. It’s a bit short, but the way it delves into the backstory of Ohana’s mother makes it a worthwhile addition to the series. Meanwhile, Reckoner takes a look at White Album 2, which he says breathes new life into a genre that had become stagnant. It handles its drama by keeping the characters’ humanity in mind, which keeps the events believable and interesting. Romance fans should check it out.

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