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Zombie Powder

Title: Zombie Powder
Genre: Action
Format: 4 Volumes
Mangaka: Kubo Tite

Synopsis: John Elwood Shepherd is a 13 year old pick pocket. He has his reasons, and very good ones. One day, while doing his every day job, he meets this flashy, strange looking person who is looking for the 12 Ring Of The Dead, Rings that create the: Zombie Powder; so powerful that they not only bring back some one that has been dead, but they can also empower a living person with Immortality. This person is Akutabi Gamma, a person so dangerous that has a bounty on his head for the amount of 960,000,000 niits. They all have their plan for the Zombie Powder, so they set forth in a journey that will be everything but easy.

The Highlights
Wicked and fast paced.
Characters: Promising and interesting.
Art: Full with detail and awesome character design.
Ending: There is no ending, there is just no next volume.

First of all, I’m obligated to tell you that this manga is excellent, while it lasted. Originally released in Shounen Jump as a weekly comic by Kubo Tite, this manga was meant to be longer than the four volumes it is. But for some reason Shounen Jump stopped the production of this series, even when Kubo Tite had already planned more chapters and the number of fans grew day after day.

With that aside you may now have an idea of why do I give it such a low grade. Since the series is left incomplete, and what timing, there is way to much to discover about the characters and there is way too much space to fill up if we speak about the plot. Don’t expect a resolution, don’t expect an ending, expect an incomplete series. Sure Zombie Powder has this huge problem, but while it lasted, it was one of the mangas I have enjoyed the most. It will make you laugh with its spontaneous non-sense. It will awe you with its detail (a magnifying glass is recommended). It will make you feel and think about a lot of things, like life and death, about the decisions we must make in life, about friendship and many other things.

Do you remember that I mentioned that the journey the character will undertake is not going to be easy? Well that is because they will fight a decent amount of enemies so don’t be surprised to find some decent fight scenes, that are very, very imaginative (specially against a certain Magician), but most importantly throughout some fights you will learn a lot about the characters causing you not only to love them, but to appeal to them too. Yet these characters share one fatal problem, they are underdeveloped, since the story is forcefully abandoned.

If you are up for some good laughs, some thoughtful dialogs and decent action well drawn, then look no further Zombie Powder is what you are looking for. Yet be warned (for the third time) this is only a taste of what a great manga could be and how a good manga should be. All in all there is nothing wrong with Zombie Powder it self since it is great in almost every aspect, but the lack of more chapters affects it so much that it is impossible not to take it into account.

The Rating: 7

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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