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Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

Title: Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
Genre: Drama
Format: 14 volumes
Mangaka: Hitoshi Ashinano

Synopsis: Alpha is a robot in charge of a little Cafe near the coast line, she hardly gets a customer as the establishment is quite far away from town, besides that the world has gone through a heavy terraforming and now everyone has secluded themselves in the bigger cities that are away from the coasts. But when Alpha does get a customer she sits down and starts a conversation with them and she does this job with great pleasure, knowing that one day her owner will come back.

No real plot here, just daily life.
Art: Simple and clear, both in bacgrounds and in character design.
Dialogue: Immersive and interesting, albeit tiresome at times.
Characters: Great cast of support characters, but Alpha steals the show.

It is no secret that slice of life is not my favorite genre. But I enjoy reading it from time to time and in this case it was Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou’s turn and I enjoyed it quite a lot. Mostly because of Alpha, she is one of the most developed characters I have ever encountered in a manga. I can almost say that it was overdeveloped, and I loved that. I couldn’t get enough of her little quirks and her thinking ranged from idiotic and childish to mature and deep.

And all of the side characters are also very well developed and interesting. Even on the chapters that had no dialogue at all, you could feel a certain vibe of deepness as if it was covered by a blanket of thoughtfulness. I don’t remember a chapter that I disliked at all, and even if they exist, they are shadowed by the rest.

While the manga is enjoyable it gets pretty tiresome to read about nothing at all. Since the plot and theme changes every few pages as chapters come and go the only coherence that they share is that the characters are present. I do have to say that in some occasions they do revist particular moments or exchanges from the past, but this are few and far in between and most of the time end up having little effect on the course and pace of the story. Thankfully the books are short, although reading more than three a day proved to be impossible for me, as I either fell into a deep slumber produced by lack of further interest or got fed up with nothing ever happening.

The chances are that if you are a fan of the Slice Of Life genre, you might already have read this title, if you haven’t, then what are you waiting for. But… if you are like me and prefer to read other genres, you should get this one if you are looking for a light hearted change in case you become fed up with the other genres, that is the only reason I read it in the first place and found it enjoyable for the most part.

The Rating: 8

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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