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Yamato Gensouki

Title: Yamato Gensouki
Genre: Action
Format: 2 volumes
Mangaka: Yabuki Kentaro

Synopsis: Japan is divided into many kingdoms, all of them are in war. Each kingdom is searching for the Sacred City of Takama. A legendary holy place that is supposed to be in the center of Japan and that grants the power to become the ruler of all Japan. But no one knows where it is, since no one has seen it. Empress Iyo, head of the Union of Kingdoms is also looking for the City of Takama, what she doesn’t know is that Shion, her new bodyguard, is in fact an assassin of the Onmyou Union, a deadly force of magic users that eradicate kingdom after kingdom. But Shion is impressed by the Empress will and dream, the unification of Japan that decides to change sides and protect her as a true bodyguard, doesn’t matter who is the foe, Shion will protect her.

Art: Crisp, detailed and nice character design.
Characters: Good interaction.
Plot: Unpolished, unfinished and ordinary yet promising.

Why are there so many series that were never concluded? It seems like someone in the manga business doesn’t like me at all and hands me this to-be-continued manga. After reading the two volumes it lasts I actually cried and yelled in my room, after seeing that the great characters and interesting story will never be completed I couldn’t help but to feel frustrated.

And with a reason I felt that way. After learning so much about the characters they started to grow some roots and each page I read became like water to plants, it only helped them to keep growing. The same goes to the story, with some unusual twists offered here and there, as well as a few laughs; specially after we meet Renza, there isn’t anything not to like. Except the fact that everything ends so suddenly and leaves a few too many questions to be answered that it is impossible to overlook this problem, pretty much like what happened in Zombie Powder (those sad memories).

While the art is crisp, it only becomes fully appreciated in the backgrounds and the detail given to them since character design isn’t original nor outstanding and while we talk about things that aren’t outstanding, let me say that the fights might be classified using this adjective. Which leads me to the question; what do we have here? 2 volumes of a promising manga that never saw a The End page, that never concluded the promising characters and the promising story.

So many important things done wrong or left incomplete can’t be overlooked or ignored. In fact they end up being annoying and leaving bad taste to the reader. I really can’t recommend this one, the only way I would recommend it is if someday there is a sequel to it.

The Rating: 5

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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