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Wings of Vendemiaire

Title: Wings of Vendemiaire
Genre: Drama
Format: 2 volumes
Mangaka: Mohiro Kitoh

Synopsis: Ray is just another boy in his little town and it is the time of the year when the annual fair takes place. Ray has never been out of town, so his only contact with the rest of the world are those rumors and gossips he hears from outsiders and performers on the annual fair. But this year is different, this year there is a new girl, Vendemiaire, a girl with wings and a smile that could light any dark room. But under that smile a sad story lays, she is not human, but a doll created by magic and as a doll she is being controlled and manipulated to be, do and say what her master pleases. What can Ray do to help her be free?

Simple, clean and somewhat deatiled.
Characters: Uninteresting personalities and designs.
Pot: It held my interest for a few pages.
Execution: Something went wrong, almost all of the time.

Practically nothing is what Ray can do. And no, it’s not that I want to spoil it, since there isn’t pretty much to spoil here. Trough out each chapter of the manga all the main characters change, in the physical aspect and in personality, there is one thing that ties all chapters together, Vendemiaire, but while the name doesn’t change, the personality does and even when she has some background, most of the main characters don’t even know what background means.

While the art is crisp and detailed, and the character designs are interesting; specially Vendemiaire, the art alone can’t save this one from eternal slumber inside my brain. Most of the characters decisions are spontaneous and since the characters change so rapidly there isn’t enough time to like them, understand them or even care for them, even Vendemiaire who was the only one with a background. Now, don’t get your hopes up wishing for some character or plot development. Since characters come and go at the end of a chapter, there isn’t much development for them and the plot, well, there is never a consistent plot, maybe a theme for the plot, but since it is never resolved I couldn’t care less for the plot as well.

After reading the manga, I rechecked the order in which I read the chapters, because maybe I did read them in a wrong order, but I didn’t. All characters in the manga are quite interesting, but since none is allowed to shine the manga doesn’t shine and with so much to do, discover, develop and unwrap it just feels wrong that Wings Of Vendemiaire was so poorly executed.

The Rating: 5

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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