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Title: Window
Genre: Drama
Format: 1 volume
Mangaka: Yatsu Kagi

Synopsis: From her window she looks down to the street. With scars as testament of a fire she endured kids started calling her “Ghost”. He was one of them, one of the mean kids that, only wants the approval of other kids, so that he could have friends to hang out. Doesn’t matter. She never comes out, he thought.

Works wel with the atmosphere.
Characters: Nameless, a riddle to be solved.
Plot: Somewhat predictable.
Emotional: You should have some compassion before starting this one.

And again characters are presented as him and her they posses no name what so ever. This may not seem such a great of a deal for some, but for me it has a great meaning and purpose that the characters have names, beyond to be used as referrals; personality. People are given names and when someone introduces himself or herself with the name you get an idea of how this person might be. So, characters with no names are a riddle, even to themselves.

Window depends on its emotional value and compassion for the girl to make it work. So if you have no compassion to share, or you feel distant to any of the characters here, things might not work out for you. Although the ending its predictable it holds some power born from the compassion you carried since page one.

The character design isn’t something to awe at, but the detail given to backgrounds sure is. Although it could have worked with normal backgrounds instead of detailed ones, since the backgrounds aren’t that important or hold any special meaning or key to decipher the simple story. Art in general is decent, although boring, since it is pretty standard and with out a single special characteristic or feature that makes it stand out.

Window is a decent story with decent art that got a decent grade. Yet there are far better short stories that could mesmerize you in the same amount of pages or even less.

The Rating: 7

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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