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White Dragon

Title: White Dragon
Genre: Action
Format: 3 volumes
Mangaka: Shinji Wada & Yu Kinutani

Synopsis: Nozawa Ayaka is targeted by the Black Dragon, one of the most feared gang lords in the area. One night her family was killed by the Black Dragon and his gang. Ayaka fled and remembered what his uncle told her: “In time of need look for the White Dragon, he will help you.” And she did, but to her surprise this man is short-tempered, cold as ice, a complete loner and a man that doesn’t know how to cook, but an efficient killer and with a unbeatable wit. White Dragon’s mission is to protect those that are unable to protect themselves and cleanse the world from all evil.

Clear and detailed.
Characters: Uninteresting, but character interation is ok.
Plot: Lame and uninspired.
Action: Poorly directed.
Script: As bad as they come.

If the White Dragon’s ideal wasn’t so cliche, it might have worked out. If the action scenes weren’t so poor, it might worked out. If the characters had a personality one can identify with, it might have worked out. If the story was constant and connected to the rest of the events that happen in this 2 volumed manga, it might have worked. The only things I can really say that worked was the art, which was clear and realistic, and the relation between Ayaka and White Dragon, since they complemented each other pretty nice it was funny to see how Ayaka infuriated White Dragon with her innocent actions that ended in a bad way.

Beyond the art and the relationship between the two main characters, there is nothing else good about this manga. White Dragon uses high-pressure water to eliminate his enemies, which isn’t a very innovative idea, since it has been overused. And if that wasn’t bad enough, White Dragon is one hell of a cross dresser, that can use her breast, as squirt guns (as I like to call them) making the action scenes idiotic which ends up dragging the action scenes even more.

To get things worse, the first volume and the second volume are entirely unrelated, except for the presence of Ayaka and White Dragon. And the second volume was even worse than the first, maybe if the manga never had a second volume it wouldn’t be as bad. The second volume has no relation to the first, and by the time it ended, it didn’t seem that way, since so much could have been explored about Ayaka and White Dragon, like a deeper background or more development.

I can’t tell you why you should pick this up, but I can tell you why not to pick this up and here it is. If you are looking for action manga that doesn’t take too much time there are better, way better, mangas out there. And if you want romance, drama, comedy or something else, then simply look somewhere else.

The Rating: 5

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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