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White Clouds

Title: White Clouds
Genre: Drama
Format: 1 volume
Mangaka: Hisae Iwaoka

Synopsis: Shiro is a 14 year old dog, that lives with Grandpa. They used to live with Grandma, but she recently passed away. Shiro loved to walk with Grandpa and Grandma, when they were younger, but now Shiro can only walk with still-on-mourning-Grandpa, who dreams about the day when he will be able to walk again with Grandma, a dream Shiro shares with him.

Minimalistic and simple.
Characters: Lovable cast.
Ending: So sweet.
Plot: Nothing uncommon expect for the narrator.

From start to end you are mesmerized by the minimalist art style. Nothing over drawn, over shaded, nothing over the level it should. The weird looking character designs only contribute to this theory of mine. Not a lot of work is placed in the characters, be them primary or secondary. And I love it that way. White Clouds is told from Shiro’s perspective and to my knowledge dogs don’t care about the way your clothes look or your hair. They only care for your friendship. And this is also counts on this short manga.

The entire plot is revolves around Shiro, Grandpa and Grandma. And even when there are some secondary characters like Shiroi (the grand daughter) and the daughter, that is the most information you will get from the manga. And I would have loved to know their stories better by going deeper into them, but time, or should I say, page limit didn’t allow that to happen. Secondary characters are also called backup characters, well, I say let the backup characters do just that.

A lot of “ifs” could have made White Clouds even better, but that is too much to ask, since its sweet ending makes you forget all those tiny mistakes and you end up just enjoying the ride. The art could have been better, the secondary characters could have had been deeper, the length could have had been longer, but when you read the very last page you just say: “Who cares?” True, these faults can be forgiven, but not overlooked.

The Rating: 8

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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