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Vivid Memories

Title: Vivid Memories
Genre: Drama/Action
Format: 1 volume
Mangaka: Saki Hiwatari

Synopsis: In the year 20XX the vast city of New York is under constant terrorist attacks at public places. The police is clueless and the culprit is roaming the city free. The police’s only witness died, and her clones are useless, so they are left with no choice but to receive the help of Jojo Schmit of the EPIA section, a section dedicated to ESP related phenomena.

Art: Simple and unappealing.
Characters: Bland a shallow. Wierd interaction.
Plot: Undeveloped potential.
Lenght: Didn’t last too long, that is good.

All I knew before reading this short story was that it had been done by the same mangaka of Please Save My Earth and years before it too, so I wasn’t quite sure on what to expect, I just knew it was by Saki Hiwatari and I was sold. And cursed be my impulses.

Vivid Memories is not good but not bad either. It had some fun moments, another tender moments and other moments that were just plain pathetic or quite boring. The combination of all this makes me irk and feel irritated at the apparent, but inexistent, lack of effort place on the work. I say inexistent, because the art is fresh and detailed, although not at the level of Please Save My Earth, thing that translates in dedication. The story is quite interesting too and with lots of potential.

But is shamefully ruined by the characters unbelievable interaction, that shifts from pitch black to pure white in a matter of pages. I know this is a short story and that changes should be fast, but, in the case of this title, they are done too fast and with out any reasoning, it just happens.

Vivid Memories is not bad at all, the fun moments are good, so is the art and the story, but the characters having no background, no real development and a forced pace to their relationships becomes the cause to the title’s mediocrity. If you are not a Saki Hiwatari fan you can easily take a detour to other short stories that are quite more engaging, even with less pages like Flowers or The Crow, The Girl And The Yakuza.

The Rating: 6

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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