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Valkyrie Profile

Title: Valkyrie Profile
Genre: Action/Drama
Format: 2 volumes
Mangaka: Hijikata Yuu

Synopsis: The final battle between the Aesir and the Vanir is about to start; Ragnarok. Lord Odin, God of Gods and leader of the Aesir has ordered Lenneth Valkyrie to search and recruit souls of strong humans for this war. As one of the three Battle Maidens under the command of Lord Odin she accepts and travels to Midgar to start searching for the souls of strong humans that are about to die. But during her quest she discovers part of her past, a human past, a past sealed by the very same Lord Odin that commands her. Now, Lenneth Valkyrie, is about to find the truth about her past is sealed by Lord Odin. Why is it that Lord Odin fears her so much? What does he has to hide?

Art: Beautiful and clean.
Action: Simple and straight forward.
Plot: Great use of Norse mithology.
Character: Only the main character shines.
Propaganda: The purpose of this manga.

I remember playing Valkyrie Profile on my PlayStation™ and be awed by its wonderful fights, magnificent story, character development and background. Now it’s not that I want to compare and point out which one is better, but after seeing such greatness it is discouraging and disappointing to see it been lowered to this. Yet not everything about Valkyrie Profile is bad, it has some excellent artwork and a decent amount of development for Lenneth.

The artwork is magnificent this is noticeable during action scenes and in the backgrounds. Yet while the actions scenes are beautifully drawn they aren’t as good as those in Battle Angel Alita. As for the characters, well Lenneth is the only one fully covered from start to end, the rest of the characters have a few pages dedicated to them, but it doesn’t go any further than that. While the plot is great and the use of Nordic mythology is excellent and intriguing, the way the package is unwrapped leaves a bitter taste at the end. Even when it’s a sweet ending, it’s not a great one, it is just average and with sudden changes that occur frequently and with out a reason, make this great plot, inconsistent and somewhat forced to be like that, instead of a plot that grew to be like that.

Propaganda. That is the best word I have to describe Valkyrie Profile. And it is a shame that such propaganda wasn’t able to fully cover the game, to offer the same greatness as the game, even if it would have been a mere copy of the game, with the succulent art this manga has there is no way it could have go wrong. But at the end it wasn’t like that, in the end it was just average propaganda that left us with an average manga.

The Rating: 7

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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