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Title: Tomorrow
Genre: Romance
Format: 1 volume
Mangaka: Mito Ohrihara

Synopsis: Hamasaki Aya and Yuu were walking down the street on Aya’s birthday, when suddenly Yuu was ran over by a car and died instantly. Six months have passed since that awful day Aya has tried to kill her self several times, she has been so depressed and feels it is her fault her beloved Yuu died. In this time of need, she meets Nagasawa Issei and her little, but disturbed niece, Nayu. Issei and Nayu lost their parents in the Osaka-Kobe earthquake three years ago. Nayu has never said a word since then and Issei decided to study medicine to honor his father and brother that died on the earthquake as well. These three lost souls are now to help each other to forget the past and receive the future with an open heart.

Plot: Classic romance stuff, that keeps working.
Art: Simple, clean and beautiful.
Characters: Great background and development.
Dedication: To the victims of the Osaka-Kobe Earthquake, January 1995.

Tomorrow is a short story filled with heartwarming love and heart pounding drama that works perfectly. With the right amount of background and development for each main character and delightful, clean art, Tomorrow will set sail toward a continent full of emotions and as co-passengers we have a wonderful cast of lads, with a common problem yet a different view of it and a different solution as well.

With fleshed out characters that have a vast background and a story to tell, what is not to like from them? Each of the main characters possesses its own personality and reflects it with adequate character interaction, not only will the characters interact between them, but they will interact with you as well. Now, if characters designs are so pretty then it just adds up to this mountain of goodness. The art in general was quite good, although not the best I have seen, except some scenes where shadowing/inking wasn’t the adequate and even reached the point of being an obstacle.

Tomorrow may not be very different from some other mangas, since it has the classic formula of; “Boy loves girl, but girl can’t love boy” yet this formula, most of the time, never works or ends up in some cheesy, repetitive and tedious drama. But the length of the manga doesn’t let it come to this and yet it doesn’t restrict any development for the characters.

With nothing but good things to say about this one, you shouldn’t doubt to pick it up whenever you see it. As a side note this manga was intended as a memento or memoir for the victims of the Osaka-Kobe Earthquake that occurred on January 1995 and the message it gives away, is one of never ending love and care for all the ones you love.

The Rating: 9

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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