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The Crow, The Girl, and The Yakuza

Title: The Crow, The Girl, and The Yakuza
Genre: Drama
Format: 1 volume
Mangaka: Hiroki Endo

Synopsis: Aoki is a member of the Japanese Mafia, the Yakuza. He is hiding from the police, from the Yakuza and from himself as well. Sheltered in a house where a Girl lives among the Crows, he seeks redemption and peace. But his past will hunt him down in his present, just to shatter everything apart. Aoki must now face himself, the Yakuza and the Police before his time is done.

Simple but detailed.
Cast: Amazing supporting and main characters.
Drama: Top notch, shiver-inducing.
Lenght: Short, fast and powerful.

Breathtaking and heart pounding drama. A difficult mix, done right. Hiroki Endo managed to assault me with powerful dialogs, interesting characters and storytelling skills that amazed me beyond amazement. Combined with his rich touch to draw life-like backgrounds and characters, there is much to like here.

Lovable characters are the main key to like a manga. When the characters are unreachable the manga becomes tedious and boring. But in this eighty-six paged manga one can find those lovable characters tagged along with an interesting story and a mesmerizing dialog. The kind of dialog that makes you cry and you didn’t even noticed it.

The only flaw I saw was the lack of background on the Girl. She was such an interesting character that it was almost a shame she was nothing else but a stepping stone to Aoki’s character. Yet her role, she wonderfully played. Complementing Aoki’s development.

This is definitely a manga that shouldn’t be overlooked. If you have the chance to read it, don’t hesitate to do so. It will be a breathtaking and heart pounding experience.

The Rating: 9

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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