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Tengoku no Honya

Title: Tengoku no Honya
Genre: Drama
Format: 1 volume
Mangaka: Atsushi Matsuhisa, Tanaka Wataru, Kirihata A.

Synopsis: Satoshi is now in Heaven and he doesn’t know why. He just appeared all of the sudden in Heaven’s local Library where he meets a strange old man, and an even stranger young girl; Yui. Even when he doesn’t like it, he is forced to work there and to empathize with his co-workers and clients.

Get’s off with the wrong foot, but it gets fixed.
Art: Simple and soothing.
Lovely and sweet.
Ending: Sweet ending that makes everything work out.

Tengoku no Honya feels like a lame story from the very start. Like nothing interesting could happen, or at least that is what I felt when I started reading the 40 something pages it lasts, but thanks to a sudden change in the general direction and overall theme of the plot you are pulled out of the wrong impression into the appropriate one.

With simplistic art that calmly fills the white spaces you get the idea that the characters actually feel the way they express their feelings and say their lines even when they aren’t so calm themselves. Although detail isn’t cramped in every possible spot of the manga, you can still enjoy the beautiful eyes that Yui has, combined with a hair cut that fits both her style and persona and this happens with most characters throughout Tengoku no Honya, where appearance and personality click toward the right direction.

Any one who enjoys a decent story with a sweet ending would oversee the lack of character development and the almost inexistent background. But if you enjoyed Indian Summer or White Clouds you could very well enjoy Tengoku no Honya.

The Rating: 8

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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