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Route 20

Title: Route 20
Genre: Romance
Format: 1 volume
Mangaka: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Synopsis: Utsuo Akagi just turned 16 years old and at the very same time his grandfather died, leaving him a key to a room to his grandfathers home outside the dome. The only problem Utsuo has, is that outside the dome it’s so contaminated that a human being could not live out side of the dome for long, so what can Utsuo do? If that wasn’t enough trouble, Utsuo has the most unsporting family besides having no real friends.

Characters: Solid and growing main character, secondary characters… not so much.
Plot: Works well for the main character.
Art: Clean and simple, yet functional.
Ending: Sadly all good things come to an end.

Another unsatisfactory manga. Not because of the main character or plot, but because of the secondary characters and the open ending. So much could have happened after the ending that I wanted to know and all because Utsuo grew inside me and I could feel and understand what was going through his mind yet I wanted to know about his future. It’s not like I hated the ending, I loved it, but it didn’t satisfied my need to know Utsuo even more.

It was rather sad to see that all secondary characters existed on such a basic level (they existed for the cause) but I wanted to know them better, their reasoning behind all their acts and behavior. But Route 20 is not all bad, besides having a strong main character, the plot (while not unique) is moving and easy to attach to and since it’s narrated from Utsuo’s point of view it gives greater insight to the character and the situation he faces.

Offering great art, with clear-vivid backgrounds and facial expressions just to hold the plot even stronger, the art is close to perfect. A little thing I enjoyed from the art is the detail which is used in every single shot or scene that emphasizes the characters actions.

Route 20 is a great manga in the basics, but the few problems it has here and there, simply stop it from going any further than it already has.

The Rating: 7

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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