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Title: Renka
Genre: Action
Format: 1 Volume
Mangaka: Hiroyuki Asada
Synopsis: Renka was an assassin in the Great War during the Edo Era in Japan. All those that died by his hands went to The Elysian Fields directly or so the story tells. But Renka knows nothing about his previous life, about his original parents, he was trained to be a doll, a killing doll. But he revolted against his Mother to become a person instead of a doll. And it is then when Renka meats Saikichi, an ex-soldier that promised he will help Renka become a person. But little does Renka know about the shadows of his past that hunt him.

The Highlights
Without personality or soul.
Art: Nice designs that don’t work on action scenes.
Plot: Historical blasphemy.
Lengh: Very short, very good.

Renka is an extremely hard to find manga for two reasons, the short amount of copies that were reproduced and the year it was created (1994, almost 10 years ago). Renka offers a great deal of visuals focused on the beautiful Japanese landscapes during the Edo Era (1603 to 1868) but the art is kind of uninspiring for the rest of the components like; character design and action sequences.

The main problem that Renka has, is that it has too many little problems that add up. Like when Saikichi wears goggles and a ski mask, or the use of mechanical prosthesis, or badly choreographed fights and bad jokes. But the real problem is when I faced the characters, that had no appeal to my tastes nor did I knew who they were because of the lack of background and if you can call their progress; development, then let me tell you what a sad one it is. While the villain has a reason to hunt Renka down, I simply didn’t care. One would think that the plot will save this manga from crappyness, but it doesn’t because the plot is left incomplete, that is if such thing can be called a plot. The plot is no different that the one Battle Angel Alita (Gunnm) yet the way it is delivered and handled is simply for the worst.

Thank goodness this is a rare and short manga. That is the best way to not recommend it.

The Rating: 3

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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