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Please Save My Earth

Title: Please Save My Earth
Genre: Romance/Drama
Format: 12 Volumes
Mangaka: Saki Hiwatari
Synopsis: Arisu Sakaguchi just move with her family to the grand city of Tokyo. She starts having some weird dreams about a person called Mokuren and other people in a base located in the Moon, soon discovers that two boys from her school, Jinpachi and Issei, also share the same type of dream. The three of them start a quest to discover what happened in those dreams and why are they related to each other.

The Highlights
Filled with emotion and attention to detail.
Romance: Intense and powerful.
Plot: Confusing and tiresome at times.
Characters: Huge cast of characters with dual personalities, gets confusing at times.

It may sound like a dumb or childish story, but it is the complete opposite it is a story about maturity and self discovery. Please Save My Earth has its roots buried deeply in the characters previous lives and its effects on their current lives allowing the characters to mature and discover themselves which is the underlying plot and the important one too. Although this whole deal is quite intriguing, it is very confusing, since not only most of the characters have a previous life, but the names and appearance change and in cases even the gender.

Leaving characters and story aside, Please Save My Earth has one major flaw; length. 300 or so paged volumes aren’t fast to read if you get the bunko version like I did instead of the normal 200 or so paged tankoubon, making it not only a slow read but tedious and at times quite boring. Specially bunko number six, seven and eight, the rest are OK and some don’t even feel that long or boring at all and end up being quite fast and magnificently scripted.

The art is just splendid. You can actually feel how someone gives a tender hug, very much in the same way you can feel when one character yells at another or when they cry, all of this accomplished by art and script. Scenes of beautiful hills covered with flowers that you can smell and touch make you experience the full journey Please Save My Earth really is.

When you take all things into consideration you end up with a work of art, a true masterpiece that even when it can get tiresome, it draws you back into its own universe and style making you part of the story not just the reader.

The Rating: 9

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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