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Title: Neji
Genre: Action/Drama
Format: 1 Volume
Mangaka: Kaori Yuki
Synopsis: 2033 is the current year and Neji just waked up from a cryogenic sleep that lasted ten years, according to Gera; the government faction that resurrected him, he finds out he now posses strong psychic powers and it is thanks to this that he was resurrected. Yet his fiancée seems to be useless to the Gera and they decide to dissect her body for the good of science. But there is still hope, for he can save her, if he becomes a hit man for the Gera. After realizing he wasn’t frozen ten but forty years ago and that Gera will not keep their part of the deal, he runs away with his fiancée from Gera, just to be hunt down.

The Highlights
Inetresting main character.
Art: Stylish and flashy, lots of detail both on backgrounds and characters.
Plot: Sudden plot change and rushed ending.

Neji is an ambitious manga filled with twists, character development and great art. It would appear to be every manga readers dream and again another great work by mangaka Kaori Yuki, but it isn’t. In fact it is the exact opposite offering incomplete character personalities and interactions. The last act (chapter) was almost useless and pointless and having no connection to the plot of the previous acts, except for two characters, Neji is a great disappointment.

Like any other Kaori Yuki’s work it has great art, filled with detail everywhere comparable to Angel Sanctuary and Blood Hound. But art is not all there is to this manga, dialog’s another thing Neji is great at, from funny to dramatic, from sad to happy, from serious to playful and this is thanks to the amazing twists it has. In just this one and only volume four or five plot twists can be found keeping the story always active and captivating.

And this is where Neji suffers the most, with such attractive twists and interesting characters, a sudden end comes to this manga, why? I do not know. Leaving more than three characters development incomplete along with a marvelous plot, is a shame. Kaori Yuki has been known to be a great storyteller and she has proof of this with her Boys Next Door and Cruel Fairytales stories, yet this one suffers the same fate Blood Hound did.

As a lover of Yuki’s work I can’t let this manga to ruin my expectations of her upcoming works and her stories I still have to read. But as a lover of her work I can’t really recommend this manga, if you manage to be in the lucky position to decide which Kaori Yuki manga to buy I recommend something else. Cruel Fairytales or Boys Next Door are way better than Neji. Well not everything can be magnificent, even if we desire perfection.

The Rating: 6

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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