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National Quiz

Title: National Quiz
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Format: 4 Volumes
Mangaka: Reiichi Sugimoto & Shinkichi Katou
Synopsis: After years of using the traditional democratic system, Japan was fed up with nothing actually changing and the power not residing in the hands of the people. And the National Quiz was born. A live quiz-show on TV that if you win you can make your dream come true. Be it recovering your lost dog or teaching your cheating husband a lesson or money, fame and babes. What ever you want the National Quiz will get it for you, since they are above all laws.

The Highlights
Over the top prizes and excellent punch lines.
Art: Bizarre and unique out of this world art style.
Plot: Interesting but it gets too complicated.
Characters: Strong lead character with a great story that doesn’t deliver.

Although it has a slow and boring start, National Quiz picks up the pace and starts moving forward with its unique and bizarre artwork reminiscent of Taiyo Matsumoto (Black & White) and interesting dialogs between the many characters that range from lunatics to rationalists.

The art is one of the most important features on this manga. It helps to put into shape the strange world and events that spin around the Quiz. Shinkichi Katoh did a great job that is most noticeable in character design and expressions rather than background, even when the later is as imaginative as the former.

I wish I could say the same about the writing. Reiichi Sugimoto managed to do a decent work in keeping me interested through out the entire thing and drawing me more and more into it with the characters and the political tension/drama, only to blew it at the conclusion. In a strange, sudden and unpredictable ending I was abandoned and perplexed at the events that I just participated in. I couldn’t understand at all how it all came down to that.

It short National Quiz is a manga that had great potential in all aspects but botching the ending in such a way it managed to construct its own demise.

The Rating: 6

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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