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Milk Crown

Title: Milk Crown
Genre: Romance/Drama/Comedy
Format: 2 Volumes
Mangaka: Aqua Mizuto
Synopsis: Tachibana Oto is about to start high school, but to pay her tuition fees, she works as a maid in the dorms of Class Z, a special class where the habitants have special skills, ranging from fashion to the ability of driving a military tank. It is here where Oto meets Goryuukanda Jin, the head of the dormitory and a cool guy by his own merit, he drives a tank, has a shark for a pet, he is ultra strong and ultra cute. Just a boy all girls could fall in love with. Like Oto did. But Oto must face her self and overcome her problems to declare her love to Jin.

The Highlights
A little bit over the top, but it will make you laugh.
Art: Great characters design. Cute and detailed.
Romance: Typical stuff, but it doesn’t take too long to become real.
Characters: Excellent lead cast that shadows the support cast.

Delicious in every aspect, yet not perfect. Milk Crown is a sweet love story filled with comedy that fits and works and drama that fits and works, such a wonderful combination well executed is indeed rare. Add a few extra toppings like the beautiful art great character design and costumes and you have a manga that it is not only great to read, but to watch too.

Both Oto and Jin are solid characters that never drift to one side or an other, they remain constant. As for the supporting cast, while most of them have a reason to exist and make the main characters shine I wanted to know a little bit more about them. Their role is a simple one that didn’t satisfied my needs. This was the only sin the manga had, yet it’s a minor one.

One of the things that had me worried while reading the manga was that a few important questions will be left unanswered, but to my surprise it ended up with out any loose ends together. While it was somewhat rushed it fitted the mood and theme answering the unanswered question with honey-like sweetness.

All I have left to say is: If you like sweet romance, laugh at loud comedy and solid characters then pick up this two volumed manga and start reading.

The Rating: 9

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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