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Milk Crown H

Title: Milk Crown H
Genre: Romance/Drama/Comedy
Format: 5 Volumes
Mangaka: Aqua Mizuto
Synopsis: After the first year of High School and its respective summer, Tachibana Oto is ready to start her second year at High School, but more importantly her second year as the maid at the dorm of Class Z, where her loved one; Goryuukanda Jin lives. After the long summer wait, they are now back together and they will not allow anything to get in the way of their love.

The Highlights
Great historical characters with a twist.
Art: Stylish and detailed, Miura style.
Plot: Unbelievable and ridiculous, yet entertaining.
Writing: Makes things work, but it is not exceptional.

A direct sequel of the original Milk Crown, Milk Crown H brushes up all those things that the original didn’t and adds trouble to the Jin-Oto relationship. With old time friends of Jin coming back to scare Oto, or even take Jin back for themselves. Lots of things happen in this sequel, some are interesting, some are completely unnecessary, other are completely cliched and others are really funny. But in the end Milk Crown H carries the light hearted comedy and romance that made the original great.

But even when it had the same style, some things did changed for the worst. Instead of focusing with one obstacle Jin and Oto must overcome the mangaka; Aqua Mizuto, throws a bunch of different problems at them and while some are interesting, others are just plain dumb or ridiculous. This makes the manga a bit tiresome, but to overcome this everything is done with clear crisp art that exalts the mood and character designs are as good as ever.

Another great thing about this sequel is that it rescues some character development and background of the secondary characters of the original series. And the new characters aren’t forgotten at all but neither are they covered completely. So we have something to cover up the holes of the past, but leaving new wholes in the present.

All in all Milk Crown H is a good sequel for a great series. With its trademark art and character design and interaction, comedy and some reiteration of what we already knew, this one will surely bring out the merry from you and with its love story will slave you from beginning to end. As little note, I would like to point out that the H in the title stands for High, not Hentai.

The Rating: 9

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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