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Title: Majin
Genre: Action
Format: 2 Volumes
Mangaka: Oh Great!
Synopsis: Tetsu’s father just died from a heart attack one year ago, and he had to get a job because his mothers job wasn’t enough to live with. One day during his daily route of newspaper delivery he saw something he shouldn’t have. Something that no one that has seen it escaped alive. Something not human. A Majin. While he tried to escape he was forced to fight this Majin, only to die by its hands, but little does Tetsu knows that when he bit the Majin and tasted his blood, he became like him; immortal. Now, with this new power Tetsu hunts down this Majin to thank him for stealing his humanity.

The Highlights
Great design, specially females and monsters, no personality though.
Art: Elaborated style and very refined.
Plot: It is aound. Somewhere.

Oh! Great is one of the well known mangaka’s in the world of Japanese comic books. One of the reasons of this, is his talent as an artist and his fight sequences and I won’t deny this, but I still have to a manga of his that has characters that suffocate me and a story or plot that keeps me reading because of interest and not of obligation.

The fights and art though, were outstanding enough to leave you with a dislocated jaw and with a reason. Not only were they remarkably drawn and choreographed but they where also smart and actually showed a lot of each character. As an action manga Majin is great at it, it will keep you interested in it through out the two volumes it lasts. But even a action manga must have a solid plot. And it is here where things get unnecessarily complicated. Suddenly the main characters are not who you thought they were, and that happens to the plot too, just to grasp it again almost at the end of the manga.

There isn’t anything else than awesome action scenes and extraordinary art, which is a major let down. Specially since the characters had so much too learn and grow and the story had so much ground to work on. It seems that Oh! Great likes his stories short and simple, with out giving too much field for exploration and exploitation of the characters.

If you are up for some cool fights with great art that shows off in the fights and in the character designs, then don’t doubt to check this one. But if you want a solid plot and characters too, why are you looking in here?

The Rating: 6

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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