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Lone Wolf And Cub

Title: Lone Wolf And Cub
Genre: Drama
Format: 28 Volumes
Mangaka: Kazuo Koike & Goseji Kojima
Synopsis: Ogami Itto, a man once trusted by the very Shogun is now a ronnin, a master-less samurai, and so he became a paid assassin, five-hundred Ryo for each assassination. All because he was the target of a plot against him and his clan, killing everyone and everything he loved and worked for, except his just born baby; Daigoro. Now father and son walk the path of the assassin in order to consume their vengeance.

The Highlights
Huge cast of characters that have background and development.
Pacing: Might turn a few off.
Plot: Great secundary plots and amazing epic primary story.
Writing: Poetic at times, boring at another time.
Art: Dirty, gritty and dark, perfect for the atmosphere not so much fo the action.

Books are the fruit of all knowledge to all of us that lack some and what better way to learn the Way Of The Samurai than reading an epic quest that takes you around all the sixty states of Japan during the Tokuwaga Shogunate. Lone Wolf And Cub makes most samurai stories look like pathetic attempts to explain the code the samurai lived by.

Based on historic documents and based on historical facts and characters but with a deep and dark fictional plot of vengeance and self realization, Kazuo Koike made it all possible by writing such a praiseworthy and moving twist-filled story as well as the tremendous cast of fully developed main characters and secondary characters. All of this equally leveled by the extreme detail found in the art both in backgrounds and character designs. Although the action scenes were difficult to read, this is a manga that relies not in its action but in its plot, dialog and characters, yet it goes with out saying that Goseki Kojima made a wonderful work as the artist.

The reason this manga is not perfect is because it had a slow start and it seemed that it could have ended earlier. But with that aside, you are now staring at one of the most renowned mangas in history and it is for a single reason, this manga has character and a life of its own.

The Rating: 10

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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