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Locker Trade Agreement

Title: Locker Trade Agreement
Genre: Sci-Fi/Drama
Format: 1 Volume
Mangaka: Tetsu Kasabe
Synopsis: When Doctor Toshiba discovered that Locker 13 at the South Entrance of Shinjuku Station was a time tunnel to the past, he was more than delighted to know. Being the only man alive made him lonely and hungry, with food no where to be found and money to buy it with out problem he uses this time tunnel to get all kinds of foods, all thanks to his best new friend, the owner of Locker 13.

The Highlights
One dimensional yet interesting.
Art: Simplistic but clean.
Plot: Works on various levels.

Proving that no matter what we do we are slaves to our fate with out and opportunity for a revolution is a hard thing to prove, yet in Locker Trade Agreement the mangaka, Tetsu Kasabe, has not only managed to do so, but he proves that there are still mangakas with fresh ideas as well. And this two are the greatest feature this short story has. For the characters remain simple and unknown, even when the plot has nice foundations, the characters could have done much better with said foundations. A little more background on them and development is completely necessary.

And when it comes to art, Tetsu Kasabe proves that he knows his business. The character design of the owner of Locker 13 is childish and simple, like the character. While the design of Dr. Toshiba is that of a serious man overrun by a fate ruled by doom when suddenly meets hope again. The facial expressions only help us develop this idea of each character.

With a fresh look and a fresh plot and decent characters, Locker Trade Agreement is easy to be enjoyed, but not easy to be delighted with. I was at first disappointed at such bad use of a plot, until on a second reading I realized that the one disappointed was the manga with me for such a bad reading.

The Rating: 8

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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