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Koi Kaze

Title: Koi Kaze
Genre: Drama/Romance
Format: 5 Volumes
Mangaka: Motoi Yoshida
Synopsis: Koshiro, a 27-year-old wedding planner, has recently being dumped by his girlfriend. On his way to work, he meets the reserved 15-year-old high school student; Nanoka, and they both go on a date to an amusement park. Before saying goodbye, they are encountered by their father, and the truth is revealed: They are siblings, separated ten years ago when their parents divorced. Now Nanoka will be living under the same roof as her brother…

The Highlights
Awesome lead characters, weak support cast.
Art: Sketchy and great for comedy and drama, action… not that great.
Theme: Past the incest… slice of life at it’s best.
Ending: A few loose ends
Koi Kaze is often seen as an incest themed manga, because it is, but it’s truly at its best when it deals with slice-of-life events, for it portrays them with incredible realism. From family meals to office chores to school festivals, the daily life of the characters could not have felt more authentic. Of course, nothing of this could be possible without well-fleshed characters, and the two main protagonists definitely broke the mold with their humane personalities and their gut-wrenching relationship.

Yoshida Motoi’s art is one of a kind, with soft almost sketch-like traces that can make a two-page panel take your breath away to clumsy comedic panels; it’s all beautiful to look at. The dramatic scenes are drawn with thicker, straight lines to convey their impact. However, Motoi’s artwork has a weakness: the action-oriented scenes, though few, are messy and make it hard to understand what exactly happened, forcing the reader to go back a few pages and re-read them to make some sense of what just took place.

Unfortunately, not everything in Koi Kaze works as good as one could expect. Secondary characters, especially Koshiro and Nanoka’s father have little to no background, making it difficult for the reader to connect with them beyond a superficial level. The ending, although concluding one of the main themes of the story leaves several questions unanswered.

If the idea of incest does not repulse you and action is not on your top priorities when reading manga, give this one a try. Just stay away from your little sister or older brother in the mean time, just in case.

The Rating: 9

Reviewed by: Rove

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