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King of Wolves

Title: King Of Wolves
Genre: Action
Format: 1 Volume
Mangaka: Kentaro Miura & Buronson
Synopsis: Kengo Iba won his second consecutive title at the Japanese National Kendo Championship in 1968, a year later he gets lost while in a solitary expedition to the Silk Road on Western China. His bride, Kyoko, went out on a quest to find him, only to be sent back in time to China 1212, era where Genghis Khan was the terror of all Asia. Now Kyoko must find Iba and return to their own time to continue the happy promising life they once led.

The Highlights
Characters: Great historical characters with a twist.
Art: Stylish and detailed, Miura style.
Plot: Unbelievable and ridiculous, yet entertaining.
Writing: Makes things work, but it is not exceptional.

Buronson and Kentaro Miura pair up for the first time in history to work on a historical science fiction manga; King Of Wolves, that gives a twist on the historical facts about Genghis Khan and his reign by filling the gap historians haven’t filled yet. With Buronson behind the writing and a young Kentaro Miura, 23 years old, doing the artwork, this manga is and was a hit.

Even though Miura was still young we can surely see that his art style is rounding up to the one we all know thanks to Berserk, especially in character design as well as the need to draw main characters with long swords. The level of detail is worthy of any careful and patient eye, while the action sequences are fluid and easy to catch with a quick glimpse.

The real issue comes in with the plot. Even though there are some low quality moments in the writing followed by great moments filled with historical facts to explain who is who and what is what, the plot is just too ridiculous and unbelievable that it makes it impossible to avoid thinking of how ridiculous and unbelievable it is.

But even when the plot is what it is, the pacing is appropriate and makes the story go around one step at a time, mixed with good artwork and excellent action scenes you end up with a story that is very well worth the read, not because it is educational but because it is also very entertaining.

The Rating: 8

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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