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Title: Kaine
Genre: Drama/Suspense
Format: 1 Volume
Mangaka: Kaori Yuki
Synopsis: One year has passed since the Endorphins broke into the music world, amazing everyone with their magnificent music and lyrics. One day Kaine, the vocalist, was involved in a car accident where he died. Yuuka Oda, the group’s producer, sets up a perfect plan, saying that the one killed wasn’t Kaine but Shinogu, Kaine’s twin brother, while actually using Shinogu to pose as Kaine just to keep selling records. But Shinogu doubts if he can make it past appearances and actually become Kaine and it is then when he learns that Kaine’s death wasn’t an accident, but a murder, causing Shinogu to doubt everyone, even himself.

The Highlights
Will et to you and then confuse you.
Characters: Dark and angsty.
Art: Where did the light go to? Good character design. Bishounen galore.
Plot: Nothing is solid ’till the very end.

Confusion master, Kaori Yuki, is back with Kaine a dark story and as always with excellent art. Yet the confusion was sometimes too much to handle which became a problem, and when the art and dialogs were mixed up, instead of helping you understand they did the entire opposite.

Now when we get past that fog of confusion we see wonderful main characters that interact and behave like real humans. Which is the best thing this manga will give you and to explode the characters Yuki was kind enough to make an excellent work with her designs, as usual. Filled with bishounens Kaine is a twisted, dark, beautiful story that will take you in a frenetic roller coaster of confused emotions.

Weak secondary characters and a predictable plot, to some extent, are the only lows I could find while reading the manga. This sure is shocking to a lot of you; a manga by Yuki that it’s predictable? But it is as sad as it may sound, specially because of Yuki is among my favorite when it comes to storytelling and plot development. Yet a bump now and then is as not that bad, hell, I guess it’s even allowed.

Kaine has it’s ups and downs, yet it manages, somehow, to reach the “It’s OK” criteria, most of the problems it has, are because the manga is only 100 pages or so. Yet this is no excuse to create something that it’s just OK specially when you have something called Cruel Fairytales and Boys Next Door.

The Rating: 7

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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