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Indian Summer

Title: Indian Summer
Genre: Drama
Format: 1 Volume
Mangaka: Takehito Mizuki

Synopsis: Hiroshi, Takeshi and Kaya have been best friends for ever. But Kaya never stops crying, so Takeshi decides to go in a excursion to find the “Blue Bird”. A bird that is supposed to make you happy from that moment to eternity. After searching all night in a strange forest they give up any hope of finding the “Blue Bird”. Years later Kaya and Takeshi ran away from their homes and Hiroshi entered a private school. But the once-best-friends trio is destined to be together in a quest for happiness again.

The Highlights
Deeper than what it looks like and very well developed.
Characters: Great interaction, interesting and developed.
Art: Plain and simple, not very detailed.

Offering a strong primary character and strong secondary characters, Indian Summer succeeds in creating a world in which the characters leave an impression within the reader. With a plot larger than what it seems there is much to enjoy reading through the few pages this manga is formed up.

Although the characters are beyond decent, the art is just decent. Offering nothing more than the necessary to understand what is happening the art is stagnant when it comes to backgrounds. As for character designs, they are nice, although not in the style I like the most, but this is a minor thing, as well as personal issue.

A plot that is deeper than it looks, characters that shine by themselves and reflect the light the rest of the cast emanates… you will have to be absolutely crazy not to like this one or at least give it a try.

The Rating: 8

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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