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How To Colonize Space

Title: How To Colonize Space
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Format: 1 Volume
Mangaka: Hitoshi Tomisawa

Synopsis: The General Transport Liner Fullerene is a human space colony. Thousands of lives depend on the good arrival of this ship to it’s next destination. But the massacre of a few crew members and passengers, as soon as word gets out of this massacres, panic and fear spread, specially since the ones murdered were drained and left as a pure skin. One man is the only option this ship has for survival, but what makes this man the only chance the ship has?

The Highlights
Characters: Nameless, unexplored yet very interesting, great interaction.
Art: Simple and clean.
Plot: It had something good going on but missed the chance.

I am a fan of short stories, since they are usually more shocking than a manga composed of 20 volumes. But How to Colonize Space is an exception like any other, with characters that have no name, a plot and a twist that barely make things work and leave too many questions unanswered. It becomes more like a obligation to finish reading it rather than a joy. And it is here where it suffers the most. I never liked reading books that were forced on me.

The art is decent. Not something that screams overwork with excessive detail, but not something you want to scream out of pain by just looking at it. Although the monster design is awesome and pretty imaginative they reminded me of those old movies: “It came from mars”.

Characters and plot do need some extra juice since they are dry and bland. Plot is interesting yet unfinished and unexplored. This manga holds too much potential it just needs more ink and paper to fully develop its idea and concept. While it lasted How To Colonize Space was decent, but it could have been much more.

The Rating: 6

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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