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Helter Skelter

Title: Helter Skelter
Genre: Drama/Suspense
Format: 1 Volumes
Mangaka: Kyoko Okasaki

Synopsis: Ririka is the top teen idol, model and star in Japan all because of her exquisite body and cool attitude. But after the camera is taken away a monster is freed, alcoholic, addicted to pain relievers and dependant of constant expensive cosmetic surgery to keep her beautiful. She is fake and her fake cool attitude is fading away showing her true madness to the rest of the world.

The Highlights
Works most of the time.
Characters: Ririka is veyr, very, very twisted.
Art: Great costumes design, characters not so much.
Drama: Found here and there.

I was somewhat skeptical about this one at first. It looked like any other model biography at first, but I have to say I am speechless when speaking of Ririka’s level of madness going back and forth from sanity to insanity seems so natural in her that it is terrifying and the fact that you are taken with her trough such a journey makes the ride a lot more personal than what one would expect.

Not only is Ririka weird by herself, but the way the plot flows showing us scenes from the past with dialogs of the future or scenes from the future with dialogs from the past, this doesn’t really help much and it is a style that may throw people off.

Yet Helter Skelter does a magnificent work at showing us a small glimpse of the celebrity world, not only by making us see how harsh it is but also how crude, tactless and cold that world can be. It also has a very unique art style by keeping character designs simple specially the characters faces and reactions.

Helter Skelter is not a bad manga by any means it is just terrifying and could use a few small touches in the narrative yet it is a window for a world not many people are familiar with by showing us one of the most mentally unbalanced characters that one could think of. Certainly worth reading if you ready for the psychological trip Ririka is embarking herself into.

The Rating: 7

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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