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For Those Of Us Who Don’t Believe In God

Title: For Those Of Us Who Don’t Believe In God.
Genre: Drama/Comedy.
Format: 1 Volume.
Mangaka: Hiroki Endo.

Synopsis: Takako, Kusano, Yuki and Hajime are the main characters in the newest school play by Tajima and his staff; Katayori and Kogure. A tale that looks deep inside the belief of God, Haven and Hell and while outside the set they search for the meaning of life and why is it so complicated and different between two people. They are youngsters searching for answers to ancient questions, while doing what they like; whatever that makes them feel happy about themselves.

The Highlights
Art: Clean character design with lots of details.
Characters: Awesome character interaction.
Theme: Deep and tense.

Another manga by Hiroki Endo (The Crow, The Girl and The Yakuza and Boy’s Don’t Cry) this time dealing with something more serious and even with that, it doesn’t get to be amazing or wonderful. The lack of a solid story and appropriate background and development for the characters is a huge problem, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t any of them. And in counter part, the amazing character interaction and those funny scenes that make you laugh and those serious scenes that make you think, work like wonder.

The art is excellent offering great lighting and detail, as well as wonderful character designs, that have real expressions. This means that when a character is happy and smiling you can feel his happiness. Yet the best thing Hiroki Endo offers in this manga is the character interaction. Every time a bunch of characters talked to each other, it was like when I talk to my friends, it was real enough for me to be transported inside the manga and hear them say all these things they said to each other, like advices, jokes and personal anecdotes.

But when the characters interact as well as this, we need to understand why and when it is not explained, it feels like a black stain on white paper. And a huge stain I’m talking about here, one that stopped you from enjoying the manga at the fullest.

While it isn’t what it could have been, For Those Of Us Who Don’t Believe In God is a good manga, that offers great character interaction, acceptable characters and a fair amount of solid scripting and wonderful art.

The Rating: 8

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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