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For Someone

Title: For Someone.
Genre: Romance/Comedy.
Format: 1 Volume.
Mangaka: Tomoya Ohishi.

Synopsis: Yamazaki wants to enter his school baseball team and to do that he must be capable of doing ten pull ups, but he can’t. So his best friend and lifetime crush, Naoko, makes a deal with him: If he can do ten pull ups, she will kiss him. With this motivation Yamazaki manages to do the ten pull ups, but in the process he kicks Naoko knocking her out cold. Now, two years later, Yamazaki has yet to kiss Naoko, what will he need to do just to get a kiss from the girl of his dreams?.

The Highlights
Art: Inconsitent character design, bland background.
Comedy: Will make you chuckle.
Romance: It’s there.

Sweet and cute are the predominant feelings in this short story. Yet there is much to know about the characters, like motivations, apart from getting kissed, background and development. For Someone offers light comedy as well, a must in the romance genre, but don’t expect to laugh your lungs out, just a few occasional chuckles.

When it comes to art and character designs, I am splintered in half. Tomoyo Ohishi does a great job in shots from the sides, but when it comes to frontal shots the characters look awkward and very much alike, if it wasn’t for the hair or their costumes it will be rather difficult to make a distinction. As for the backgrounds they don’t assault you with eye catching details or interesting or weird designs at all. They are just there to fill a void.

For Someone might be your ordinary romance manga, with ordinary characters that even when they feel real they need more background and development, with ordinary art. With everything ordinary and nothing extraordinary For Someone is just another romantic manga instead of THE romantic manga.

The Rating: 7

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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