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Title: Flowers.
Genre: Drama.
Format: 1 Volume.
Mangaka: Yoko Nihonbashi.

Synopsis: Necrophagic Geomorphitis is a new and rare disease that only a hand full of people in the world have had it. Suzuki is one of them, and like all before him he is fated to die soon. Tonoki is Suzuki’s school doctor, she has treated all of his wounds even those before the disease, she has been with him for a long time and plans to stay with him till death rips them apart.

The Highlights
Characters: Warm and moving.
Art: Clean. Character design could use some work.
Ending: Emotional.

You already know what will happen in this manga, so did I before reading it and it matters not, it won’t make a difference. If you are a human with feelings or have a weakness for good love stories, then you are en route to a path of sentimental fondness. I have to confess, here and now, that I shed a tear after reading Flowers.

Not many mangas have a deep effect on the reader, this is because you need to have believable characters that react to each other as real humans. Yoko Nihonbashi achieved this, and by doing so she created a true master piece of emotional resonance not only between the characters, but also between the characters and the reader, taking characterization a step further.

No manga is safe from defects, some have more than others or more serious ones. Thankfully the only defect, if you want to call it that, is the art. While Suzuki’s design is great with all the chunks of skin dripping from his body, the bandages and the high school student uniform, on the other hand Tonoki’s design is rather bland and simple, like the rest of the art. The environments don’t emit the same amount of light the characters do.

If you just ran out of Visineâ„¢ or you are looking for something beyond excellent to read, then go get yourself some Flowers.

The Rating: 9

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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