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Chameleon Jail

Title: Chameleon Jail.
Genre: Comedy/Action.
Format: 2 Volumes.
Mangaka: Watanabe Katsuhiko & Takehiko Inoue.

Synopsis: Chameleon Jail is the most famous and renowned Risk-Hunter in the entire world. All of this because of his natural born ability to shape shift and change his appearance to anything he likes, besides his excellent marksmanship with guns and marvelous capabilities when it comes to martial arts. But can he live up to his fame against the new and constant waves criminals?

The Highlights
Characters: Need some work.
Art: Flareless.
Plot: Predictable but entertaining.

Chameleon Jail is at best a fun short read. That it is all that it can accomplish, Jail has no background nor development, secondary characters are just an excuse for Jail to use his powers and abilities, plots are short and always end up the same way so it all becomes very predictable half way through the first book out of two.

While the art is rich in detail, it isn’t what one would call flashy except for a few scenes. Now this is supposed to be an action comedy manga, and the action scenes don’t have enough flare to them. As for the comedy, it does its job of making the reading a bit easier.

Predictable plots, uninteresting characters, and a lack of flare for the action scenes make Chameleon Jail a somewhat disappointing series, yet an entertaining one. I wouldn’t say you should get this, unless you are either a fan of the creator; Inoue Takehiko or if you just have to own every single manga series in the world, other wise you might want to skip this one or borrow it.

The Rating: 5

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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