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Boys Next Door

Title: Boys Next Door.
Genre: Drama/Thriller.
Format: 1 Volumes.
Mangaka: Kaori Yuki.

Synopsis: Wolfgang A. Clay is a elementary school teacher in Los Angeles. He doesn’t do it for the money, he is in this for the gratification of helping people and watching the kids smile at him. But even when all he likes to do is bring joy to the little ones, his past is a cruel and twisted one. This past is his curse, accused of killing several male prostitutes, Wolfang only cares about one of them; Lawrence, the only one Wolfgang has killed for love and whose death caused him pain. Why does Lawrence want to die so much? What happened to Wolfgang during his childhood, why is it that killing male prostitutes satisfies him so much?

The Highlights
Characters: Dark and troubled.
Plot: Constantly moving forward with twists and turns.
Art: Obscure and detailed.

I think I am reading way too much manga by Kaori Yuki and becoming a fan of her stories. I don’t know how does she manage to create such twisted stories with out falling over repetition. She is indeed extremely talented both as a writer and as a artist. This is an important thing to evaluate, for this is the third manga made by her that I have read and I can’t get tired of her. Her writing just encourages you to read more and more and more with out stopping.

Again here lays proof that you don’t need a million volumes to create a beautiful story that will make you turn the page with out consideration, a story with characters you will like and most importantly, you will understand. And when a story like this one evolves inside you along with the characters, even if it was for a short period of time, is wrapped so spectacularly, there is no way in hell you couldn’t like it.

It’s really hard for me to explain what to expect from this manga, due to its speed, it is hard not to spoil. All I can say is that if you don’t like Shounen-Ai well this isn’t a manga you would like to read then, although it doesn’t get very explicit. Maybe this was one of the problems I found with this manga, even when I respect homosexuals, this was just too much for me in such a little amount of time and yet this problem doesn’t affect the manga that much, for you will easily adjust to the homosexual atmosphere.

Probably one of Kaori Yuki’s best, this manga shows us again her amazing natural abilities at story-telling, writing and design. With a straightforward plot, yet wonderfully organized, this manga will sure go in as one of my favorites.

The Rating: 9

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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