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Blizzard Axel

Title: Blizzard Axel.
Genre: Sports/Drama/Comedy/Romance.
Format: 1 Volume.
Mangaka: Nakaba Suzuki.

Synopsis: Fubuki just declared his love to the girl of his dreams; Koyuki, and she accepted. The only thing is that they can’t see each other outside of school, even on weekends! Why can’t she see him outside of school? Is she shy? Or is something more serious going on?

The Highlights
Direction: Makes the skating theme work.
Characters: Funny although unexplored.
Plot: A good change from your daily manga.
Art: Seems a little off the amrk at times.

Blizzard Axel has great intentions to make a good story, but the lack of deep characters and the art are its greatest handicaps. Although Fubuki has a bit of a background it isn’t enough to answer all the questions behind his feelings and actions and while we are on the topic of characters, Koyuki seriously needs one. She is like a stepping stone for Fubuki that is left behind once it meets its purpose.

Now, Fubuki is supposedly in High School so he must be around 15 years old, but he looks like a 11 year old and so does Koyuki. That is the main problem with the art, but it is also shown on the backgrounds and settings used for every scene. Although I must mention that the facial expressions are good specially the over acted reactions that add a bit of comedy to the story.

The only thing that I can think of that could save Blizzard Axel from complete damnation is the theme. Figure skating isn’t your everyday topic in manga so it is really a nice change from all the drama or action we see in other mangas. Also the comedy, although not comparable with Yakitate!! Japan, it does make it more enjoyable.

The Rating: 6

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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