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Battle Angel Alita

Title: Battle Angel Alita.
Genre: Action.
Format: 9 Volumes.
Mangaka: Yukito Kishiro.

Synopsis: During a normal, casual visit to the dump site, Professor Daisuke Ido found what appeared to be a part of a female cyborg. Intrigued by his discovery, Professor Ido took it home, he worked for days to give her a body and restore her artificial brain. Alita was the name he choose for her, treating her like a daughter of his own, Professor Ido, continued to work as a Hunter-Warrior by hunting down criminals for money. Alita found that she had remarkable killing skills, so she decides to become a Hunter-Warrior as well, only to be scolded by Professor Ido, but the only thing in little Alita’s mind is: Where do I came from, why do I have this power, and who was I before meeting Professor Ido?

The Highlights
Have your magnifying glass ready.
Action: Wicked with great choreography.
Characters: Some fail and others exceed the requirements.
Story: Goes back and forth but keeps you interested.

The characters are extremely well designed and it show to the point that those characters grow and evolve as time passes in the story. The character development is so good, that you tend to like those abominations of nature and those whose acts are despicable and those who are courageous, brave, understanding and simply lovable, will make you, sometimes, cry. Another good part of the cast, is that support characters are the ones that always give the reader and the main characters an important lesson of life. Not only do the support characters make you see the good things about the main characters, they allow you to see the main characters flaws and mistakes, which is even more important.

Although the series may sound some what cliche, think otherwise, while the plot appears to be nothing more than what we have already seen so many times, it is not. The plot it self is covered with various twists, and not only does the plot, the characters, the atmosphere and even the mood of the story change so you can see all the facets of where they are, whom they are, and why they are that way. The plot goes as deep as the human mind can imagine, passing through God and religion, to human behavior, and even those primitive feelings of: love, compassion, fear, anger, despair, survival, etc…

The art is above what you can imagine, it is extremely detailed, that you might even miss some important things shown in just a simple drawing, which will tell you a lot of what a certain character is thinking, doing and even feeling. Facial and corporal expressions are one of the main things that the artist focused on. As for the fight scenes, they are pretty well done, arranged and choreographed, allowing you to see with great detail what the characters are doing.

The only problem with this manga, is that it may loose its pace from time to time without character or plot development, around 1 or 2 volumes (depends on how you see it). Another problem is that it shows some deaths in an extremely gory manner. While this sometimes helps to get a glance of a characters psyche, I thought it could have been avoided.

The Rating: 9

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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