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Title: BAOH.
Genre: Action.
Format: 2 Volumes.
Mangaka: Hirohiko Araki.

Synopsis: Violet is a ten year old girl that has the ability to predict her future and this is why she is been kept hostage by the Judas Group. An evil group that specializes in bio-weapons, and their newest weapon is being transported in the same train as Violet; the parasite BAOH. This parasite was implanted in Ikuro Hasizawa who is on the run along with Violet after escaping from the train and the evil hands of the Judas Group.

The Highlights
Old school style with a fresh look.
Action: The Araki-way; intense, crazy and violent.
Characters: Great design.

Hirohiko Araki is a talented mangaka whose trademarks include violent action scenes and weird monsters. BAOH is a great, although short, example of what Araki is capable and his natural talent for this type of stories.

Although Araki is more famous for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures than anything else, BAOH is a great mood setter to start with if you want to get used to his work. In this case the art is extraordinary, almost 20 years ago things were drawn by hand and inked by hand too, and it shows in BAOH. The simplistic backgrounds may tell you otherwise, but the manga is filled with lots of details, which are most noticeable in the clothes, machinery and monster designs.

Although the plot is not the most complicated and the characters aren’t really a challenge to discover or intriguing, they do their work to keep things moving as well as the audience interested in them. But what keeps you reading aren’t the characters or the plot, but the action scenes. Even though you know what will the outcome be in the end, somewhat, you want to know how it will be done.

BAOH is good by it self, but it is great if you want to get used to Araki’s method, worlds and style. You should read it if you have the chance, after all this two volume title packs as much fun as most of the other manga out there, but the excessive violence and lack of solid characters might turn some of you away while lure others right to it.

The Rating: 7

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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