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Anne Freaks

Title: Anne Freaks.
Genre: Action/Thriller.
Format: 4 Volumes.
Mangaka: Yua Kotegawa.

Synopsis: Yuri Kitawa just killed his mother. While burring her corpse he is seen by a girl; Anna and she offers him help to get rid of his mothers corpse, forever, in exchange for Yuri’s help to assassinate Anna’s father, the Head of the Kakusei Group; a terrorist organization. While on the road of revenge Anna and Yuri meet Mitsuba Maezono, who just escaped from the murderous Kakusei Group that slaughtered his family. A trio with a secret and terrifying past, killing down the road of vengeance and love. What future awaits these Children of Death? And why do they continue going forth on a path made from corpses?

The Highlights
Crisp, fluid and stylish.
Plot: Unique and interesting.
Characters: Fully developed.
Atmosphere: Dark, heavy and tense… most of the time.

Great! This is the best way to describe this manga. With the fluid art, remarkable characters and an interesting plot, you won’t regret the bucks spent on the 4 volumes it lasts and to top it all, add the excellent atmosphere that fills those tense moments to make them even more tense and, when necessary, the occasional joke to break the ice while giving us more three dimensional characters. The catch is that all this great things come with some sacrifices.

I was more than amazed, more than in love with the characters. All of them having their reasons to exterminate the Kakusei Group or to stop the deadly trio, I established a connection between the characters and myself, yet this connection was shaken twice and I couldn’t understand the reasons behind these actions, which wasn’t a pleasant experience. While not a pleasant experience it surely didn’t have an impact big enough to ruin the story.

What better way to make things even better than a solid plot? Fluid art? Well Anne Freaks has both. With crisp art that only aids the plot by offering you exquisite character designs and backgrounds, there is enough to drool on. What makes the plot so solid is that it never strays away from the point, with useless side quests as seen on various manga, besides the originality of the plot, vengeance upon your father, the head of a terrorist organization.

Now that you have read my opinion, go get your self a copy of this, start reading and start enjoying. I promise one thing, just one simple thing, you won’t be disappointed. I was lucky I picked this one up based on pure impulse and now you are lucky to know that it is this good.

The Rating: 9

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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