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Angel Sanctuary

Title: Angel Sanctuary.
Genre: Drama.
Format: 20 Volume
Mangaka: Kaori Yuki

Synopsis: Setsuna and Sara are brother and sister and they are on the run from everything and everyone. Criticized by everyone for their mutual, strong love they decide to flee from everyone and everything they know, to start again from zero. But, suddenly, Sara is attacked by a monster and in despair Setsuna turns into the Organic Angel, Alexiel. The promised one to return peace and order to the Heavens. Setsuna is now driven to go to the very bottom of Hell and to rise to the upper layers of Heaven, just to exterminate the source of all evil, suffering and chaos and during his quest he must overcome all kinds of obstacles, including the prejudice of loving his sister, with the aid of demons, angels and humans alike.

The Highlights
Painfully detailed, great character design.
Lenght: Could be a bother for some.
Characters: Great and huge cast.
Confusing: Sometimes with all the names and all.

Here you have it ladies and gentleman. The most famous work that Kaori Yuki has ever made; Angel Sanctuary. The longest manga I have read until now, 20 volumes of amazing art, captivating characters and enough atmosphere to put you as a spectator of the story rather than a reader. Yet in all its might and glory some things don’t fit, like some weird actions scenes and the length of the manga can make some people back away instead of drawing them near the wonderful story.

Having a cast of fully developed and engrossing characters is something Kaori Yuki has always done right, but in Angel Sanctuary she raises the bar by offering you a huge cast of characters. On the top of my head I’m thinking of 20 characters. And by fully developed I mean entire volumes dedicated to some characters. If we add the delicate art Kaori Yuki is know for, we get an exquisite cast of characters, beautiful both in design and persona. And with her trademark storytelling skills and touch to create and manipulate a story, she draws you in and places you at the side of the characters, so when a character screams you can hear him and feel the intensity of his scream.

True, Angel Sanctuary is something to praise, but it’s not entirely perfect. During a lot of actions scenes I ended up confused, not understanding what had just happen was a experience I can’t like, making me go back and forth the pages to understand what happened was a pain rather than a pleasure. Yet the part I disliked the most about Angel Sanctuary was the ending. Through out the 20 volumes I experienced many, many chills down the spine because of what just happened and while the ending was pretty, I was expecting something more shocking, more amazing and more a-la Kaori Yuki. Something that leaves me with my mouth open for times to come, as she has done many times before.

The Rating: 9

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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