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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Arc 3

Title: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Arc 3
Genre: Action
Format: 16 Volumes
Mangaka: Hirohiko Araki
Synopsis: Kujo Jotaro is a high school student that has never meant anyone any harm. But recently Kujo is experiencing some changes, besides the normal ones for a teenager. He is seeing a ghost attached to his back that he can control, but little does he know that his ghost is actually a Stand, a powerful psychic ability that can only be defeated by other Stands. Worried by his grandson Joseph Joestar convinces him that this power is a legacy of the Joestar family and that with the power to control a Stand comes a curse. A curse that Johnathan Joestar, Kujo’s great-great-grandfather, fought and that needs to be stopped once again: Dio Brando.

The Highlights
Wicked and weird as always, but the last fight was a let down.
Characters: Badass new Jojo? Secondary characters far are more interesting.
Art: More crispy than ever, awesome design.
Plot: Where did the climax go?

After reading the first few volumes of Arc 3 you find yourself thinking that the manga is going great and it keeps going great to the very end. And that is a problem. You see, when things don’t have a climax there is no real tension building up, there is no anticipation or excitement, it is just going great and even when it will remain so to the very end, it is just disappointing to have read all of the 16 volumes to have a very uninteresting ending.

This can be easily attributed to the inexistent personality of Kujo Jotaro. I found many of the supporting characters far more interesting than him and to make things worse, with much more development. In fact, the little personality he had frustrated me, he had this bad boy attitude that doesn’t hold up, simply because you know so little about him.

I guess that the only thing about Kujo Jotaro I actually like is his design. Although one of the simplest by Hirohiko Araki, it is surely one of the best, and probably for the same reason too. But then again, he isn’t the best design of the series, most of the best designs are found in the Stands, that have a higher level of relevance for the plot than the average psychic powers in psychic manga. But while all the Stands designs are creative and detailed, I can’t say the same off all the fights. Some are excellent and very innovative, there are a few ones that are just plain stupid and pointless too, making the manga drag a few more volumes than necessary.

But then again, the plot is great and the important fights are well paced and detailed, making the experience quite more enjoyable, and considering that this is an action manga, it does its job well enough to be worth it. I just wish it had a more appealing primary character, but don’t let that stop you, Arc 3 is a great follow up to the previous ones, although not as exciting.

The Rating: 7

Reviewed by: Dtortot

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