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Anime Project Alliance Excellent site for anime images.
Caffeinated Dreams Rit’s Site. Rit made most of this possible.
Manga Reviewer Great site for manga reviews.

Anime related Unlicensed anime fansub torrent overview site. Outstanding anime image site.
AnimeDB Open database for anime information.
Anime Nano Anime blog directory.
Absolute Anime Thousands of anime-related profiles!
The Anime Critic Comprehensive anime review site.

Anime related blogs

Aloe Dream A reflection in the world of anime and manga.
Animeyay Source of anime happiness.
B r a i n s t o r m ! An anime review a day keeps the boredom away!
Evermore The place for randomness.
Random Curiosity One of the foremost anime blogs on the internet.
Riuva Research Institute for Unicultural Visual Arts
Tea & Anime Just your average noisy weblog.
THAT Animeblog Nyoro~n.
When Anime Past Meets Present Talks and Discussions about Anime.

Live Action related Awesome JDrama information site.
D Addicts Torrents and Drama Wiki. All at one site.
Nippon Cinema Japanese movies for the masses.

Music related

JRock Online News and info site on JRock music and artists.
JMusic Ignited JMusic reviews and information site. They got spark.
Centigrade-j Lyrics translations and music reviews.

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