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January 22, 2018, 12:37:43 PM
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Author Topic: Blood Diamond  (Read 1441 times)

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Blood Diamond
« on: January 06, 2007, 07:18:55 AM »
[font=바탕]Discuss it, talk about it, yadidaiya[/font]

[font=바탕]A lot of us go through a busy and harsh life. Working to pay off your bills, studying to get better qualifications and trying to maintain a healthy relationship between your friends, lovers and families. Or at least we make ourselves believe that we lead a harsh life. So who on earth would give flying **** what happens all the way in Africa m I right?[/font]

[font=바탕]Watching Blood Diamond was a rather refreshing experience because I felt like it[/font]’[font=바탕]s been a while since I saw a worthwhile movie in cinema. We live in a world where our values are relative, but I believe there are certain things in this world that men value regardless of race, culture or religion. Men[/font]’[font=바탕]s never ending thirst for power and greed and desire to inflict pain on others as a superior. Parent[/font]’[font=바탕]s unconditional love for their child and men[/font]’[font=바탕]s quest for truth and justice. War is truly the place where we can observe our best and worst qualities as we are stripped raw from our disguised selves. We also would ask ourselves at one point in the movie, [/font]‘[font=바탕]are men really inherently good[/font]…[font=바탕]or not?[/font]’[font=바탕]. Many would agree with the villain as he says [/font]‘[font=바탕]You think I[/font]’[font=바탕]m the devil. But only because I[/font]’[font=바탕]m in hell’[/font][font=바탕]. Looking at the country where literally millions are homeless, starving, killing each other for what[/font]…[font=바탕]diamonds? Authority? This is hell. This is Africa (TIA). [/font]

[font=바탕]And how can I forget about the characters. Africa)[/font]Lot of people liked Djimon’s performance as a brave and loving father. I can’t say I disagree, his character certainly displayed one of the most beautiful qualities of a human being: without greed and willing to sacrifice for his child unconditionally. Although it was Leonardo’s performance as a wild and charismatic smuggler and ex-soldier who won my heart (and I suppose many female audience). Cynical, ruthless but confident in what he believes, Leonardo’s character (Danny) is a typical ‘devil born from hell’. Well, devil is an exaggeration I suppose, but you’re not going to find many inherently good values of human nature in his character. Or so I thought at first. Encounters with people can change our lives. The life we lead change as we encounter friends who believe in you, teachers who acknowledge you, critics who identifies your flaws. This is not an exception. Danny, who has been trained under corrupted military officer, killing people and smuggling goods because he has to and because he’s good at it…what does he learn after encountering Djimon and Connelly as a determined journalist? What does he feel as he sees Djimon ruthlessly throw himself to rescue his son from all that is evil? What does he feel as he travels with Connelly and see her try to raise public interest despite how futile it is? Does he still feel their actions and values are worthless after seeing innocent people mutilated, women raped and children turned into weapons of war? His sacrificial act at the end makes us feel that there really is something good in all (or most) of us. It’s not a happy ever after ending, but sad yet triumphant. Cathartic effect I suppose.

[font=바탕]I guess there are technical flaws that critics want to get down to. But it was an action filled ride, with plenty of drama and another look at our human nature. It[/font]’[font=바탕]s probably nothing new, but there are things that make us feel good or sad about unconditionally I believe. Such was the case in one of the most powerful anime I[/font]’[font=바탕]ve seen titled [/font]‘[font=바탕]Now and then here and there[/font]’[font=바탕], although I think the directing there was pure genius. Probably not one of the best movies you[/font]’[font=바탕]ll see, but something I think you[/font]’[font=바탕]d definitely enjoy. I recommend it and enjoy the movie.[/font]
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