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January 16, 2018, 02:13:00 AM
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Author Topic: Stars Inside: Anime: Drawing a Revolution  (Read 3221 times)

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Stars Inside: Anime: Drawing a Revolution
« on: December 21, 2007, 06:07:26 AM »
Just watched this on Stars.  Generally I don't expect much from a program like this.  Usually it's just a fluff piece covering a niche audience's fandom.
But that's not what they were shooting for.  This show was a wakeup call.  It's only an hour long, so there's a lot more that could have been told, but the basic premise of the feature was to show just how much anime has grown since the 1960s not only in Japan but here in the US and how much it's influenced America and American culture.
And I have to admit, I was pretty surprised at how much has been effected and gone unnoticed.  Things like the Matrix are one thing, but the one point that hit home with me was that, when kids were growing up during my generation if we wanted to draw something, we were drawing a traditional western cartoon character.  Something simplistic that we all knew; Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, etc.  Nowadays, kids are growing up knowing more anime, and now they're drawing Yu Gi Oh and Pokemon.
Just think about that a second.  I mean, some of us have been here since the beginning of the craze, and so we've been immersing ourselves in our own worlds, not at all realizing that the worlds around us have also been changed.  I now don't think it's weird talking about anime with people.  Ten years ago, I couldn't say the same thing.  Somewhere, somehow, I blinked... and missed the evolution of the species.
I think I envy you younger fans.  You've grown up knowing a world of anime influence.  I've seen it grow, but even I didn't realize just how much it had seeped into our lives.
I almost feel proud.  In some small way, mine and others fandoms, weren't a big waste of time after all.
I'm just like you, only smarterô.
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