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February 24, 2018, 10:38:07 PM
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Author Topic: Sorrow's dub discussion thread.  (Read 1577 times)

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Sorrow's dub discussion thread.
« on: July 26, 2006, 04:38:37 AM »
This thread is for discussion of all facets of domestic releases.  Want to review a dub or domestic release, or discuss the finer points of the state of anime outside Japan, such as licensing companies, etc, etc, do so here.  This thread is not a generic sub v dub thread, though: if you all have to offer it groundless generalizations, take it to a different thread.

I think most people know I have a pretty mad enthusiasm for Mai-HiME aka My-HiME, so I don't think it should surprise many people that I picked up the first volume the same day it got released here in Australia.  I watched the whole thing (dub track) in one sitting, and I have to say that, overall, it really exceeded all my expectations.  A lot of people were pessimistic about this dub since Sunrise doesn't have what one would call a great record with dubs and Mai-HiME's cast is huuuge and filled with big-name A-grade cream-of-the-crop seiyuu, but I have to say several of the performance ranked from good to excellent and a few, particularly the leads, absolutely nailed it.  I was very impressed.

Where else to start but our lovable lead, Mai.  Absolutely nailed it.  I couldn't have been more impressed.  She portrayed the strength of Mai's character arguably better than Nakahara in the original audio (who I think at times portrayed an unneccessary submissiveness).  Realistic, down-to-earth and true to character.  Only a few minor flaws saw her short of perfection, but her performance was outstanding.

Mikoto. Shimizu Ai's are big shoes to fill, and I'd say her performance did the job without being outstanding. The nuances of Mikoto's speech didn't survive the translation, but I wouldn't say that's a great loss. Overall, it's a performance that can't be faulted, but can't really be praised either.

Natsuki. Another great performance. Chiba Saeko is arguably the most versatile seiyuu in anime, but Natsuki's dub performance was dead on perfect in almost every scene, which is impressive, since it'd easily be among the most challenging roles in the series.

Haruka.  Best. Performance. Yet. Easily the star in this dub, Haruka's voice actress was outstanding. Absolutely nailed it with a scarily realistic and brilliantly funny performance. She managed to bring so much life to an already very animated character. Kudos, this is one of the best performances I've heard in a dub.

Yukino. Take the opposite of everything I said about Haruka's voice actress. That's Yukino. There's a real submissiveness to Noto Mamiko's voice, but clearly Yukino's voice actress mistook that for a complete lack of life.  But this is what it sounded like.  It was as if she were just reading lines.

Shizuru. Another case of going with the old faux Southern accent to translate Kansai-ben. In a sense it works, since we know what they're getting at, but on the flip side, it makes such characters a bit difficult to take seriously. Shizuru comes off very cartoon-ish, which is excusable, since that's what she is for the first several episodes, but I worry if the accent will detriment the impact when her character gets very serious later on in the series.

Aoi. Same deal as Yukino, except there's no excuse here. Yukino's voice actress can get away with a lack of life, but Aoi's can't since Aoi is a naturally very energetic character.  This is a miscast, no questions, IMO.

The male roles, I'd actually say on the whole were weaker than the females, which surprised me.  That's the first time I've ever observed that in my limited dub experience.  Most of them, particularly Takumi and Nagi, did the job and got the character but weren't outstanding.  Overall though, it was the female cast that shined, which is both refreshing and relieving, since they're the roles that are most important in this series.

On the release itself, I dug the fact that they included the 2 minute extras at the end of each episode, since I hadn't ever seen them before, but a lot of them require knowledge of the entire series to understand, so I question whether showing them at the end of each ep was the right thing to do.  I think they could have possibly been better placed at the end of the disc as an option for those who had seen the entire series.  The box is good as well, very simple, but very pretty..
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