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February 24, 2018, 02:23:55 PM
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Author Topic: *GASP* ReadorDie Wrote A Review! Whoo-wee!  (Read 2836 times)

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*GASP* ReadorDie Wrote A Review! Whoo-wee!
« on: May 29, 2006, 01:28:13 PM »
Reviewing a game soundtrack, people.  In fact, the soundtrack of the game I reviewed last time.

Bolded tracks indicate required listening.
Italicized tracks indicate useless background noise, not even songs but sound effects.  I have no idea why they're here.

Title: Koudelka OST
Composer: Hiroki Kikuta
Recorded by: Pony Canyon
Recorded when: 1999

Koudelka OST

1. Requiem
2. Ubi Caritas et amor (Deus ibi est)
3. Dead

4. Waterfall
5. Incantation
6. Patience
7. Kiss Twice
8. Scene 13
9. Scene 8
10. Scene 7a
11. Scene 7b
12. Scene 7c
13. Scene 10
14. Scene 6a
15. Scene 6b
16. Scene 11
17. Scene 4
18. Scene 28a
19. Scene 28b
20. Scene 28c
21. Scene 28d
22. Scene 14
23. Scene 12a
24. Scene 12b
25. Scene 12c
26. Scene 15a
27. Scene 15b
28. Scene 18
29. Scene 17
30. Scene 19
31. Scene 20

32. Live Waterfall
33. Live Incantation
34. Live Patience

The OST starts on a high note, both literally and figuratively.  Requiem is a greek funeral song, and high, sweet, and impressively controlled soprano vocals carry it.  It's short, just over a minute and a half, but don't let the brevity turn you away.
Is Similar To: 'Lilium' from Elfen Lied

Ubi Caritas et amor (Deus ibi est)
Translated roughly as Where Charity and Love Are (God is there), this peice can safely be classified as religiously themed.  Sung by a boy's chior, this song's beauty lies in it's message and the pure harmony of the voices.
Is Similar To: 'The Ressurection' from Xenosaga

The name might lead one to believe that this is a more depressing peice, and one would be right.  It's one big, long, lonely violin solo.  Despite it's considerable length (almost five minutes) it never feels as if it's running long, and manages to make each second a little more heart-wrenching than the last.  Not exactly easy listening, but beautiful.
Is Similar To: The violin solo from 'Canta Per Me' (from Noir) meets 'The Devil's Trill' from Yami no Matsui

Despite the fact that it's a battle theme used in the game (and therefore a fairly low-quality midi file) it's actually very listenable.  Used for the final boss, this peice starts out with a fast percussion that quickly evolves into a happy, upbeat melody.  It usually has me dancing like an idiot after a couple of seconds of listening to it.

Live Incantation
A live cut of the boss battle theme of the game, this song is truly impressive.  Starting with an eerie chior of oohs and aahs, it quickly switches tone.  Loud, powerful vocals aren't used for words but as another instrument, and are complimented wonderfully but an acoustic guitar.  Eerie, but also fast paced and not without a pumping rythm, this song is one to remember.
Is Similar To: 'China Ogre' From Shadow Hearts, but better

Live Patience
A live cut of the final boss battle theme I reviewed earlier in this review, it's done very differently.  What was a pulse-pounding, somewhat happy sounding theme is now a slow, mournful dirge.  It uses the same main beat and melody as the original, it just slows it down.  Piano is used as the percussion, and an acoustic guitar takes over the main melody, combining seamlessly into a memorable peice.

The Bad

There's nothing particularly wrong with this's just bland.  Used as the main battle theme of the game, it's nearly sleep inducing.  It tries nothing special, and doesn't even attempt to acheive the muddled ground of mediocrity.  It's just...bland.

Live Waterfall
While the original waterfall was penalized for being boring, this one manages to be interesting...and once that wears off it's just grating.  It sounds like several synthesizers playing all at once, playing...synthesizer music.  And not good synthesizer music either.  Just ignore this one.


Tracks 8-31
There are a couple of good cuts here, but none of them are over a minute.  Why?  Because these were tailor-made for the cutscenes, which works great in the game but doesn't make them actual listening material.  It's not anything unforgivable, just best left avoided.  I sort of wonder why they were included on the OST at all.  Oh, right.  To pad the amount of tracks.

Final Words
While a majority of the songs aren't really listenable and two of them are flat-out bad, every so often this OST gets it right, and when it does it's truly something to behold.  It's just a matter of if you're willing to buy a CD for the six worthwhile songs or not.

Final Grade: 6/10
Edit: Sample Tracks found here:
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