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January 19, 2018, 04:32:16 AM
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Author Topic: Kujira no Kora wa Sajo ni Utau (Children of Whales Sing on the Sand)  (Read 290 times)

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Also known as Kujisuna.

Its colourful, and this episode is mostly lighthearted enough. I would guess that things will become darker shortly, but I doubt this show wants to abandon its mostly cheerful tone. Personally fine with either. There is drama intrinsic to the world and the story, which is good, and its dealt with in a fairly low key manner, which makes sense because (natural) death would be fairly common on the mud whale.
I had hoped that the teenagers would break the shojo norm and be more sexually open though. Imo that stuff would be encouraged in a society where children would always be in demand, and which probably doesn't have the stringent property laws that come with feudal and capitalist economy. As I understand production and ownership on the mud whale is organized in a mostly communal way, so this society shouldn't have good reason to encourage the kind of sexual prudence our world inherited from nuclear families and feudalism/capitalism and wherever else we got this stuff.
To some degree I think is already reflected in the social structure. None of the characters have mentioned parents in any capacity (though this might be because they are mostly infirm or dead). Small children are educated by instructors and not parents. Sami refers to Suou as her older brother, but sibling bonds are relevant even in small tribal societies.

Its possible the rituals of suppressing emotion are going to be explained as a method of psychological control for young, dangerous espers. Tbh I hope this show avoids taking that angle.

The presentation has more trademarks of anime that, on the one hand, the show could do without, and on the other hand don't really ruin the tone its trying to set. Everyone is cute AF, which really should just be an inheritance from the fact that this is a shojo manga adaptation. The exposition is a tad wordy and doesn't stand out from the crowd. In fact it does mostly lack the kind of expository flair that made shinsekai yori actively eyes-glued-to-screen intriguing. Speaking purely viscerally, this stuff is easy to consume, but also feels a bit mundane despite the great setting.

-@ 9:30 QC didnt keep the kind of sword the animators had been drawing consistent lol
-show is actually quite pretty

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Re: Kujira no Kora wa Sajo ni Utau (Children of Whales Sing on the Sand)
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2017, 03:05:34 PM »

That Shin Sekai character art.

Utterly fascinating.
Talk about my kind of ****ing anime.
Seriously this is my most preferred genre/concept.

Sadly, I can't see this being anything but a slightly more modern Fractale(a.k.a the biggest disappointment post episode 3 I have ever experienced). Despite the Zetsuen vibes, every captivating scene was followed by either shit comedy or just hamfisted execution. So, while I am interested I'm not truly enthralled. Which is upsetting since this episode had the aesthetic, the world intrigue, and the assumed character dynamic to leave me nothing but a quivering fanboy aching for more.
Having said that, this is undeniably the show I am most interested in this season.

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Re: Kujira no Kora wa Sajo ni Utau (Children of Whales Sing on the Sand)
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2017, 01:06:31 AM »
Give us an update in a few episodes. I really liked Zetsuen and Fractale was one of the biggest wasted opportunities in Anime history, so anything in that realm is on my radar.

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Re: Kujira no Kora wa Sajo ni Utau (Children of Whales Sing on the Sand)
« Reply #3 on: November 17, 2017, 04:18:43 PM »
Show reminds me of Grimgar as it has all the makings of something fantastic and yet consistently botches the execution
I have a thing for anime about kids learning about a fantastical world. So much so that I even have a word document named "I love Kids" chronicling such series.


who needs character writing when you can just magic your way to Vulcan Mind Meld.
While the world remains interesting the characters most certainly do not. MC is your basic charmingly naive but hesitantly earnest lead you see in every God Damn show. The Female Lead is your basic seemingly apathetic but actually not husk that you also see in every God Damn show. Supposed deuteragonist seems to be Yuu Kanda. There is certainly still hope for future dynamics as new info affects the characters.
I cant tell how old any of these characters are thanks to the art design. While the kids are very obviously kids that Captain dude was apparently old enough to have already had, and lost, a child of his own. Similarly, that guy who has a thing for the Chieftain appears to be an adult and not some teenager. Apparently the Chieftain is 42. She be lookin' good.

Okay, this episode ended quite literally the same way as Fractale ep 3(possibly 4).


Well this just became infinitely less interesting. Here I was hoping for a series of slow reveals which seek to flesh out the fantastical setting and instead they just abruptly up-heave any such opportunity for a more immediate "action"-orientated narrative. I had meant to say, regarding the events of episode 2, that this series felt incredibly video game-like and this episode very much affirmed such thoughts. This is very much a video game and as with such narratives it is kinda shit. Thinking about it, the art design even resembles Gran Blue Fantasy.
Why include that cartoonishly sadistic **** straight outta Guilty Crown?

Ugh. I so very much want to pursue this series but it just so suddenly, and poorly, became something else that at the moment I don't care. I'll have to put this on hold so that in time I can passively forget about it as to not wrestle with myself over making a definitive, conscious drop.

Ouni is reminiscent of Airs Blue of Infinite Ryvius. Lets hope he doesn't randomly **** off midway through the series in a similar manner...Actually, MC here is just MC of Infinite Ryvius...and Kous is just...Folks,  just watch Infinite Ryvius

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