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February 25, 2018, 02:50:06 AM
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Author Topic: One Punch - Man  (Read 1886 times)

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One Punch - Man
« on: April 13, 2013, 03:33:46 AM »
Who here reads One Punch - Man?

Haha this manga is so Great! Funny and all!

And for crying out loud, the protagonist is so, haha cool and, gawd...... ahaha

O N E   P U N C H  -  M A N !

In this new action-comedy, everything about a young man named Saitama screams "AVERAGE, from his lifeless expression, to his bald head, to his unimpressive physique. However, this average-looking fellow doesn't have your average problem... He's actually a superhero that's looking for tough opponents! The problem is, every time he finds a promising candidate he beats the snot out of them in one punch. Can Saitama finally find an evil villain strong enough to challenge him? Follow Saitama through his hilarious romps as he searches for new bad guys to challenge!


Seriously, this manga is so awesome!
:) ;) :D ;D 8) :o
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